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Balance Patch 5. September Contest and August Winners. But first, lets take a look at the winners from last month.

This time we asked you to some original Age of Empires memes, and boy did you all August Contest and July Winners. But first, lets take a look at the winners from July.

How to Get Age of Empires 3 for Mac

This time we asked you to show us how your armies in Age of Empires would celebrate winning Community Connections. Keep up with History! So much for your dacha, Boris A small Spanish garrison sends a message to Russian colonists encroaching on their land. The lack of PC-to-Mac gameplay is a big problem—that excludes a big group of players from participating against each other.

Online gaming features two distinct types of games: Supremacy, in which each player starts without any resources and must win either by conquest or surrender; and Deathmatch, in which each opponent starts with a stockpile of resources.

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Deathmatch is a lot more conducive to quick online battles. Age of Empires supports up to eight players at once—more online players will rather dramatically increase system requirements. While a 1. As a real-time strategy game, Age of Empires puts an emphasis on smaller levels of resource and unit management than a sprawling turn-based game, like Civilization IV , for example.


One of the innovations in Age III not found in previous Age games is the concept of the Home City—a European port-of-call that you can occasional request additional resources from, be them bodies, food, weapons or more, so you can constantly keep replenishing your dwindling stocks. You can also establish trading posts in your new home, earning regular payments of resources, eventually upgrading them to get even more.

This flexible approach to unit management frees you up from some of the aspects of micromanagement that strategy game players occasionally find onerous. Each civilization features unique unit types—Russian Cossacks, for example, figure as a light, highly mobile cavalry, while the Ottomans possess the Great Bombard, a building-leveling artillery unit.

The game gets pretty complicated pretty fast, especially for a real-time strategy game, but fortunately MacSoft has included a printed Quick Reference Guide that offers you a visual technology tree, reminders of hot keys, and information on what sort of military units each civilization has. Zombies Use plants to defend your home from zombies. Universe Sandbox 2 The universe is in your hands again.

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Age of Empires Version of the popular strategy game for Mac. Dota 2 Dota 2 finally arrives on Mac. Download for Mac.

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MacSoft to Publish Age of Empires III in September

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