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McDonald's had just tweaked the size of its quarter-pounder burger to 4.

What's The Difference Between A Big Mac And A Whopper?

Burger King had experienced a 3 percent sales increase. It was business as usual for the two fast-food giants and de facto rivals. But then, in August of that year, Burger King made headlines with a surprising proposal for Mickey D's: The two franchises team up on a hybrid burger called the "McWhopper. Burger King pulled out all the stops in its attempt to make peace with its fast-food competitor.

As BK's letter envisioned it, the franchises' cooperation, and the resulting burger, would raise awareness of Peace Day.

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All proceeds from the burger would benefit a nonprofit called Peace One Day , dedicated to promoting peace and education worldwide. The team-up seemed like a certainty. Find out some more surprising facts you never knew about the Big Mac. The problem? This was the first McDonald's was hearing about it. Burger King hadn't consulted anyone from the Golden Arches beforehand.

Burger King even acknowledged this on the website it cooked up for the McWhopper: Easterbrook's post also questioned the sensitivity of Burger King's publicity stunt, saying that "between us, there is simply a friendly business competition and certainly not the unequaled circumstances of the real pain and suffering of war.

Check out these fun facts you never knew about the actual Whopper. So, you be the judge: Was it petty of McDonald's to say no, or unprofessional of Burger King to promote the burger without consulting McD's first? Whatever the case, the world never got the McWhopper—but perhaps the two franchises can find it in their hearts to team up sometime in the future.

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Big Mac vs. Whopper?

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